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Where We Came From

From the very beginning, with a broad business background, which spans many industries including a position as vice president of a company doing business in 120 countries around the world, Michael Trabbic knew what businesses were looking for.

He built a consulting firm that cuts through the nonsense of "fluff and bluff" and delivers what small companies need to compete against the largest companies in the world.

This is not magic or slight of hand.  It is hard work and dedication

to each client as though it was his own business.  And today, every client IS our business.  And we never forget that.

Over the years, we have seen companies come and go.  Some of the very big companies, like IBM who no longer serve the PC market, have abandoned this highly competitive business.  Others, like Dell, have survived. 

Yet, what Trabbic Consulting has done is concentrate on our clients and NOT on products, fads or speculation of future technologies.  We answer to no supplier, affiliate or business partner. We operate independently.

We are not here to sell you something, we are here for our clients.  And only our clients.


Look to us for the services you need at the rates that fit your budget.


We are your IT department: On Hand when you need us, On Call when you don't.


See some of the web sites we have developed and the objective behind their design.


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